Studies show if your home is targeted once, a burglar is more likely to return a second time so preventing a break-in before it happens is critical to protecting your family and your belongings. Below are five steps to protecting your home from burglary:

5 Ways to Protect Your Home
  1. Maintain your garden: most break-ins happen and the front or back door, Ensuring there is a clear line of sight to your entry way will help deter burglars.
  2. Draw your blinds: make sure your valuables are out of sight. High valuable items near a window will entice burglars.
  3. Install motion sensors: ensuring that the entry ways to your home are well lit will deter criminals. Burglars seek dark properties that allow them to get in and out unseen.
  4. Set timers: putting your indoor lights on timers to come on before dark makes it look like someone is home. Burglars seek homes where they will not be confronted with people when they enter.
  5. Reinforce entry points: installing an alarm or another security system will help incriminate burglars once they have entered your home, making sure they can’t get in is your best bet.

The majority of home burglaries happen from entry to exit within a few minutes. Protecting your home and your family starts with keeping criminals out.

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