If you have a smart lock already, you may have noticed that constantly changing the batteries is a hassle. Due to smaller designs, other locks focused at the deadbolt can’t pack in the power.  HAVEN is 30 inches long and we have plenty of room to load it down with power.

The HAVEN lock will use a rechargeable 3.7V, 5000MAH Lipo battery as the main power source. It will have 2, alkaline, AAA batteries as backup. The rechargeable battery is good for 350+ charge cycles. The Lipo battery will need to be periodically recharged with the supplied, 5Vdc charging adapter.

While we are just getting started on the battery testing, we are already showing a 2+ month battery life on normal everyday usage.   We expect this to increase as we continue development.

Haven Side view
Haven's Internal Battery
Haven's Lithium Ion Battery
Haven's Lithium Ion Battery 2

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