Being that we are a newcomer to the security space, we know the statistics. 1 out of every 36 homes will experience a break in.  It happens approximately every 13 seconds in the United States.  Many of our customers have written us to describe their break-in.  But when it happens to our very own, it really gets personal.  Sean Patton joined the HAVEN team 4 weeks ago, and this past weekend his home was broken into.  Luckily he wasn’t home and his dog Java is okay.

Unfortunately all HAVEN prototypes are being used for testing and product development.  We are working harder than ever to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Sean Patton photo

Sean’s Story-  “Last month, shortly after I began working with Haven Lock, I bought a newly renovated home in a developing area of Nashville. I was very excited to move into my own house, but was quickly surprised when my home was broken into three weeks later. The intruders kicked in my bedroom’s back door. While luckily no one was hurt, property was stolen and the intrusion left me feeling helpless, I had left all the exterior lights on and double-locked all my doors, but still strangers we able to gain entry into my home, and able to do so far too easily. Haven would have prevented the break-in and it has the potential to prevent a future break-in. Getting Haven Lock into people’s homes is important, it will save lives, and help to provide a new sense of security.”

break in 1
break in 2

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