HAVEN has officially partnered with arciplex

As of this week, HAVEN has officially partnered with Arciplex. This partnership promises to bring the expertise of Arciplex in engineering and testing to HAVEN’s production process. Arciplex is a father and son Nashville based company that works with entrepreneurs and innovators to engineer and produce custom products on enterprise levels.

 Mike Haarlander of Arciplex stated,

“As we engaged in this new partnership with HAVEN we became clear about a few key items. First, was their commitment to delivering when they promised, and second that the quality needs to exceed the customer's expectations. We, Arciplex are committed to providing the HAVEN team the quality and durability that they stand for and their customers expect. Our team of designers and engineers are deeply entrenched in this process and along with HAVEN’s collaboration we are confident this will be the beginning of a solid partnership.”

HAVEN is very excited to work with Arciplex to unlock the full potential of HAVEN’s strong smarter home lock.

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