Dear HAVEN supporters,

We want to give another quick apology for our payment error last week. Like we previously stated, it was a technical error on our side. Thank you to everyone for being patient and understanding through this glitch. We realize you are all anxious to get your HAVEN locks and we are working hard to get you the highest quality product possible as soon as we can. We’ve been working so hard that we haven’t given you an update in awhile. So here is where things stand right now.

We’re holding off on taking payment for your pre-orders until December. We’re waiting to collect payment until we are 90 days from shipping the product to you. We want to complete R&D and testing before we collect payment so you can be assured we’re not building this product on the backs of our customers.

As you’re aware, we’ve had to push back our ship date. We want to deliver you a product that will exceed your expectations. As an organization, we don’t settle for “good enough,” so we’ve made a few changes to make your locks as strong, safe and effective as possible (more details on this next week).

Once the units are ready, we will be shipping on a first come, first serve basis. This means we will ship our first unit to our first pre-order, our second unit to our second pre-order, and so on. Once all of our pre-orders are filled, we will ship the rest of the units as they’re manufactured. We will begin shipping in Spring 2016.

We’re anxious to get your units to you and thank you for your patience. Keep your eyes out for next week’s update for more details.


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