Hello again HAVEN supporters,

Can you believe it’s almost November? Time is flying by over here! As promised, we have a product update for you this week. We know you’re as busy as we are, so we’ll make this one short and sweet.

You may remember our announcement a while back letting you know we switched engineering firms. Our new firm, Arciplex, is father and son owned and located right here in Nashville. They’ve helped us make a few changes that have improved the functionality of the HAVEN locks.

First, we altered the locking mechanism to make it stronger and increase the durability of HAVEN. We also changed the material we are making the lock out of. The new material requires our final product to be injection molded rather than CNC’d. All of these adjustments make the locks safer, stronger, and more cost effective for you.

We’re currently in the testing phase, which means we’re one step closer to getting your locks out to you. We can’t wait to fill you in on everything we learn from testing. We’ll be sending out another update next week, so keep your eyes out.


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