HAVEN Featured in Popular Mechanics

HAVEN featured in Popular Mechanics
The October issue of Popular Mechanics has an entire section dedicated to the future of the American home. The section covers everything from cameras to guns to toilets and even, you guessed it, locks. HAVEN is featured in the article, “Is the House Key Doomed?” Get highlights from the article below.
“Locks are as much about portraying security as they are about actually keeping people out. That might be why smart locks are taking off. They are mainly about convenience… But for the most part, they don’t necessarily improve the cylinder or the overall security of your door.”
“One exception is Haven, a smart lock that bolts to the floor at the base of a door… It’s stronger than a deadbolt and ditches keys in favor of digital activation.”

Get the full article and their annual roundup of innovations reshaping the domestic environment in the October issue of Popular Mechanics.

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