HAVEN Connect - New Feature Launch

Hello, HAVEN users!

We are launching a firmware and app update for HAVEN Connect that will resolve some outstanding bug issues in addition to adding some great new product features. We believe these bug fixes and new features will greatly improve the customer experience of HAVEN Connect

General Bug Fix Summary
  1. Improved Bluetooth connectivity between App and lock
  2. Remedied various issues where app would crash
  3. Fixed broken links within the app
  4. Fixed a small number of display issues
  5. Location services will no longer continue after app is closed
New Product Feature: Advanced Battery Detection
  • Users will now be able to check the main battery status via a battery status indicator within the app.
  • Receive notifications of low battery via app and email at intervals of 25% and 10% remaining battery power.
  • A pulsing LED on the lock will indicate when the lock is being charged
  • Backup battery status monitoring and notifications
Note on Charging Unit After Update

We have notice that some users with earlier versions of HAVEN Connect have power meters that only reach a maximum of 50% on the status indicator after the new update. If your lock becomes stuck at 50% while charging, unplug the unit for a minimum of 1 hour and then plug it back into the wall to resume charging. This will reset the charge cycle and allow the unit to charge to 100%.

Update Availability

This update will be available for both Android and IOS devices. Thank you for your patience!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

For full details on how to perform this update, please check out our instruction page below.

View Update Instructions

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