As we get closer to final production, we continue to run rigorous testing on your HAVEN locks. Our testing shows us how strong HAVEN is, how long it will last and how daily use affects your lock long-term.

A recent test we’re excited about is the manual actuation test. This just means if you’re using your foot to lock and unlock your HAVEN, how many times you can do this before any real damage occurs. We test this using a robot at our manufacturing plant. We set the pressure the robot uses to engage and disengage the lock to be equal to an average man’s step. Watch the robot in action below:

We were beyond pleased with the results. The test was stopped after 100,000 cycles. To put that in to perspective, assume you lock your HAVEN 10 times a day. If you do that every day until you have reached 100,000 locks that equals 27 years. After the 100,000 cycles were complete, our engineers took the lock apart to inspect the wear and tear and it was almost non-existent.

We’re excited that our product is consistently living up to our quality standards and we hope you all are, too. We will continue to share these updates with you as we get the results.

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