Few people put much thought in to securing their home. This may be startling after learning some un-nerving facts about home burglaries. Most people think that putting up a few lights and installing a security system is enough. Are they right?

A study done by UNC Charlotte looks at the decision to burglarize from the burglar’s perspective. One thing the study covered was what sort of things deterred a criminal from a specific target. The factors considered by most burglars include: close proximity of other people, lack of escape routes and indicators of increased security.

What Deters Burglars from Burglarizing Specific Targets?

Although most burglars would try to determine if an alarm was present before attempting a burglary, if they discovered an alarm was present after initiating a burglary, about half would discontinue the attempt. This means 50% of burglars will still attempt to complete a home burglary even in the presence of an alarm.

This study shows the importance of a multifaceted home security system in order to protect yourself and your family. The presence of surveillance equipment such as alarms, cameras and lights will help deter the majority of burglars, but for the ones remaining, preventative measures are your best bet. Installing a HAVEN in your home, especially on your front and back doors helps prevent burglars from ever entering your home.

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