HAPPY 4th of July!!!


Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays.  It’s always been about beach, barbecues and, of course, the fireworks.  With all of this activity and travel, burglars know that people will be away on vacation or out at barbecues or watching the fireworks. 

Remember to make your home look like someone is actually home.  Leave lights on or at least on timers and play music or leave the TV playing. My dad used to leave an open newspaper or magazine on the dining room table with a glass of water or a mug by it with the chair pulled out, as if someone had just gotten up.  Seriously, he did that.  He also left the radio playing very LOUD!

Pets can be shaken up by the fireworks, so don’t bring them to the show.  Make sure your pet is wearing up to date tags, is microchipped, and that you have a recent photo in case it gets out.  Leave your pet in a room with gentle music playing or the TV on (this serves the dual purpose of calming your pet and detracting a burglar as mentioned above). 

Never leave your beach blanket unattended, especially if your wallet, purse or smartphone are left behind while your searching for seashells.  Staying aware of your surroundings will make this a happy and safe holiday.  Enjoy the beach, lake, pool, backyard or wherever you will be this weekend!

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