HAVEN Safe Home Guarantee: 30 Days or Your Money Back

  Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Living in a condo, I have neighbors above, below and across the hall from me.  It’s a small building of 15 units located in the Venice Beach area of Los Angeles.  My neighbors run the gamut from retired doctors, a few lawyers and an...

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Doors and windows left open for air circulation, vacation travel posted online, mail/circulars piling up, and uncut grass all point an arrow towards your home as the perfect target for burglars.

With Memorial Day just behind us as the unofficial start to summer, this time of year also warrants caution as the temperatures rise.  FACT:  burglaries increase with the summer heat.  According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics (June 2014, http://bit.ly/BureauOfJusticeStatistics), “seasonal patterns existed in household larceny and burglary victimization rates....

By Alison Bossert Read more
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