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with the ADA compliant, Fire Code Approved HAVEN Lockdown: Your best proactive solution to active threats.

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HAVEN Lockdown will be contacting you. We take your privacy very seriously. Your information will in no way be shared, sold or traded in any form or fashion under any circumstances whatsoever. Period…

Lockdown creates a safer school for our most treasured resources: our children.

Lockdown secures the sanctity of our churches and places of worship.

Lockdown puts the safety of your people first; giving your office peace of mind.

Lockdown prevents and protects against government buildings intrusion so we feel less vulnerable.


School Violence: Active Intrusions


end in 5 minutes or less


end before police arrive to the scene


occur inside classrooms

Our schools should be sanctuaries. They should be a safe place in a dangerous world. Students and teachers should never have to worry about their safety at school. HAVEN Lockdown™ helps schools become refuges from an increasingly threatening world.

HAVEN Lockdown: The Smarter, Stronger Way to STOP An Active Threat

We are returning control to administrators, faculty, and staff.

HAVEN Lockdown™ gives teachers, administrators, and staff options of individually locking down rooms within seconds. This provides the access control they need while providing peace of mind to students, staff, patients, and first responders.

We are a critical part of an active threat safety plan.

HAVEN Lockdown™ is a revolutionary, affordable smart door lock that activates in seconds to help prevent an intrusion into rooms and through access points, giving total security control to administrators and authorities.

Meets ADA, fire code, and safety regulations
Hard installed for permanent security
10x stronger than a conventional lock
One motion unlock compliant
Made with military grade materials
Triple level failsafe system
Long lasting internal battery
Government level encryption
Threat detection with HAVEN Beacon
Connect multiple locks to one system
Control via smart phone, key fob, and manually
Inward and outward door compatibility
Dashboard access for admin visibility
Egress button(s) available
Made in the USA

Why Choose HAVEN

The increasing risk of active intrusion needs an active solution. That’s why HAVEN was created, to give peace of mind and the toughest line of protection to our children, staff, people, and patients.

HAVEN was founded by former members of the military and law enforcement. They know what real danger is and have created rock solid defense systems like HAVEN Lockdown™ to put an end to active violence in our schools, churches, offices, and hospitals.