HAVEN is Made in the USA

HAVEN is designed, tested and Manufactured in Tennessee.
Map of Tennessee

In Production

Manufacturing - Smithville, TN
Smithville, TN

HAVEN is manufactured in Smithville Tennessee.
Made in America. Mastered in TN.

Manufacturing - Image 1
Manufacturing - Image 2
Manufacturing - Image 3
Design & Testing - Knoxville, TN
Design & Testing
Knoxville, TN

HAVEN has been designed for strength and longevity.
We are always testing HAVEN to make it better.

Company HQ - Nashville, TN
Company HQ
Nashville, TN

HAVEN was born in Nashville, TN.
All Operations, Sales, and Marketing are done out of Music City.

Haven Team
Downtown Nashville
Haven Team 2

HAVEN Keeps You Safe

1.5 million burglaries occured last year in the United States
4,109 a day
171 an hour
2.85 every minute
Right now it is happening

HAVEN is 10x Stronger Than a Deadbolt

HAVEN is Veteran Owned

HAVEN supports our Veterans and the sacrifices they made to protect our way of life.