The Smart Lock That Protects

Shipping Fall 2017


HAVEN Connect is a fully connected version of the HAVEN lock with bluetooth and WIFI mobile app control.

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The Connect version contains electronic sensors that alert you during an intrusion, and is calibrated to prevent false alarms.

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  • Prevent & Protect

    HAVEN is designed to prevent criminals from getting past your door

  • Connect Anywhere

    HAVEN allows you to protect your home from anywhere via WiFi.

  • Fail Safe

    HAVEN has a backup battery so it will always be functioning.

  • Web of Safety

    HAVEN is a part of an integrated web of safety products.

Technical Specs

  • Manual Lock Pedal
  • High Strength Lock Gate
  • DuPont™
Haven Connect Back Specs
30 in
0.8 in
4 in
Haven Connect Front Specs
  • Composition: Triple Stitched Nylon, Dupont Delrin®, Steel

    Strength: HAVEN can withstand the force of someone trying to break down your door.

  • Connection: Bluetooth Low Energy

    Security: FIPS compliant encryption ensuring confidential data

  • Main Battery: Rechargeable 3.7V 5000MAH Lipo battery

    Backup Battery: Two alkaline Triple A batteries

  • Smartphone: Connect to HAVEN via the Haven App

    WiFi: Connect to HAVEN anywhere using the WiFi bridge (coming soon)

Controlling HAVEN

Manually controlling HAVEN while you are inside your home is easy. Simply step on the right pedal to lock, and step of the lift gate to collapse and unlock your door.

HAVEN Connect Disarmed
HAVEN Connect Armed
Step to Lock
Step to Unlock
Application Disarmed
Application Armed

Control Your Home On the Go

Using the HAVEN Mobile app you can secure your home from anywhere. Send keys, monitor access, log entry and exit and more—all in the palm of your hand!

HAVEN Connect Disarmed
HAVEN Connect Armed

Bluetooth Keyfob Access

The HAVEN Key Fob allows you to lock and unlock your door with the push of a button.

HAVEN Connect Disarmed
HAVEN Connect Armed
HAVEN Portal
Status: Waiting...
*Actual HAVEN portal will change before production. This is for example use only

The HAVEN Smarthome portal.

The HAVEN portal is where you can access all of your connected devices, view your logs, and control access to your home.

HAVEN Connect Disarmed
HAVEN Connect Armed
  HAVEN Mech HAVEN Connect
Stronger Than A Deadbolt
Built with military grade materials
Mechanical Lock/Unlock
Mobile App
Bluetooth Keyfob
Keyless Entry
Built In Accelerometer
Forced Entry Alerts (HAVEN Beacon)
Wifi Bridge (Connect from anywhere)
Smart Home Integration


We designed HAVEN to make it easy for anyone to install. You don’t have to be a home improvement expert to make your home safe with HAVEN.

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HAVEN Connect

HAVEN Connect

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HAVEN Keyfob

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Control HAVEN Connect from anywhere with HAVEN hub.