Protect students. Protect teachers

Our schools should be sanctuaries. They should be a safe place in a dangerous world. Students and teachers should never have to worry about their safety at school. But we know this is no longer true.

HAVEN Lockdown helps us restore our schools as refugees from a threatening world.

HAVEN lock is a new door lock that can truly protect what matters most.

Total access. Total control.


Stronger than a deadbolt

HAVEN in the classroom vs potential threat
30 in
0.8 in
4 in
Haven Connect Front Specs
  • Manual Lock Pedal
  • High Strength Lock Gate
  • DuPont™
Haven Connect Back Specs
  • Prevent & Protect

    Wedge barrier reinforces & locks door

  • Connect Anywhere

    HAVEN allows you to protect your classroom from anywhere.

  • Key Fob

    Bluetooth connected keyfob for easy access

  • Fail Safe

    HAVEN has a backup battery so it will always be functioning.

  • Web of Safety

    HAVEN is a part of an integrated web of safety products.

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