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HAVEN Logo Lockdown

Protect Students. Safeguard Teachers.

Our schools should be sanctuaries. They should be a safe place in a dangerous world. Students and teachers should never have to worry about their safety at school. But we know this is no longer true.

HAVEN Lockdown helps schools become refuges from an increasingly threatening world.

HAVEN Lockdown is a revolutionary, affordable smart door lock that detects & prevents an active intrusion into a classroom, giving peace of mind to students and total security control to administrators and authorities.

School Violence Statistics
  • 70% end in 5 minutes or less

  • 67% end before police arrive to the scene

  • 52% occur inside classrooms

HAVEN Lockdown Installed in classroom
The HAVEN App controls your lock
HAVEN Connect Key Fob
  • Hard installed for permanent security Permanently installed for ease of use and accessibility.
  • 10x stronger than a conventional lock HAVEN Lockdown uses a simple wedge with a radical design to protect a door from intrusion.
  • Designed with ADA, Fire Code, & Safety Regulations in Mind We designed HAVEN Lockdown to conform to major regulators and safety associations.
  • Made with military grade materials We use the best parts and components for HAVEN: steel, industrial composites, military grade nylon.
  • Triple level failsafe system HAVEN Lockdown has multiple power sources and control points.
  • Threat detection with HAVEN Beacon Inside HAVEN Lockdown is a motion and force monitor that sends alerts when the door is attacked.
  • Ways to control: Smartphone, key fob, manually HAVEN Lockdown is controlled via Bluetooth, which allows for a variety of secured control options.
  • Dashboard access control for admin visibility The dashboard allows you to monitor and control all locks in your school. One click enables a school-wide lockdown.
  • Connect multiple locks to one system You can connect all your locks together and control them via a single dashboard. Total Access.
  • Government Level Encryption Lockdown Pro uses FIPS PUB 140-2 encryption to protect access to your connected locks.
  • Works on inward and outward swinging doors Lockdown will work on both inward and outward swinging doors. We have designed mounts for each door type.
Want to get involved and learn more about HAVEN Lockdown? Fill out the form at the link below and a HAVEN representative will contact you with more information.

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HAVEN Lockdown Dashboard Control

Control, monitor, and lockdown access to your school and classrooms via the HAVEN Lockdown Dashboard*

HAVEN Lockdown HQ Dashboard Rendering
*Actual design and functionality of dashboard may change before final production.

New Above the Door Design

Our Lockdown version of HAVEN Connect is designed to mount above the door using a special mount that will provide maximum protection and adhere to ADA and FCC Guidelines.

HAVEN Lockdown Installed in classroom

Key Fob for Quick Egress

The Haven key fob can be worn around the neck or installed near the door for quick access and control.

HAVEN Connect Key Fob

Emergency Egress Button

Includes a quick release button that can easily unlock the door during an emergency egress situation. Designed to comply with fire code requirements.

Egress button for easily escaping during an emergency.
Lockdown Packages

Lockdown Pro
Single Classroom

A Smart Lock that will help protect your classroom

Package includes:

  • 1x smart lock
  • 1x mount
  • 1x key fob
  • 1x egress button

Lockdown Pro is a smart lock. You can control it via a smart phone, key fob, or manually. The app also allows you to send access to others and track lock and unlocks.

Pro HQ
Building or School

Lockdown your school with the touch of a button

Custom designed solution includes:

  • Lockdown Pro
  • Key Fobs
  • Egress buttons
  • Door Mounts
  • Bluetooth Hubs
  • Multiple HQ admin users
  • Total access dashboard view

Lockdown Pro HQ is a custom security system for an entire building or school campus. Each room has a lock that is connected to a central hub controlled by administrators.

75 schools left

Reserve your school's place in line now.

Product Features
Features Lockdown Pro Pro HQ
Mechanical Lock Yes Yes
Smart Lock Yes Yes
Mounting Bracket Yes Yes
Manual Unlock Yes Yes
Multiple Failsafe Control Yes Yes
Share Access Yes Yes
Key Fob Control Yes Yes
Egress Button(s) Yes Yes
Mobile App Access Control Yes Yes
Single Device Multi-Lock Control Yes Yes
Lock Synchronization Yes Yes
Monitoring Yes Yes
Threat Detection (beacon) Yes Yes
HQ Access Control (Building to Building) No Yes
One Click School Lockdown No Yes
*Coming in Q3/Q4 2019

HAVEN Beacon

One Touch School Safety

HAVEN Beacon will work off your existing WiFi network and will help school administrators detect when a teacher or student needs help.
You can wear HAVEN Beacon or install it on a classroom wall for easy access for everyone during an emergency. We offer flexible control for every school's needs.
HAVEN Beacon will give you total awareness for every classroom in your school. Pinpoint a problem and the authorities will be alerted with our monitoring solution.
With detection and awareness comes control over your school. HAVEN Beacon allows you to locate the threat and respond immediately.

Pricing for HAVEN Beacon


per button


control dashboard


monthly monitoring

Want to learn more?

To learn more and request information from one of our representatives, fill out the secure form at the link below.

Become a partner/installer

Are you interested in becoming a HAVEN partner or certified installer? Fill out the form at the link below and we will contact you with more information!

Door Lock Options for Schools
National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities codes and guidelines for doors in schools.

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