HAVEN Connect Bundle
HAVEN Connect Bundle
HAVEN Connect Bundle
HAVEN Connect Bundle
HAVEN Connect Bundle
HAVEN Connect Bundle
HAVEN Connect Bundle
Pre-order Sale Price

$ 329.99


$ 388.99

  • HAVEN Connect Bundle

    $ 329.99 Pre-order Sale Price • MSRP $ 388.99

    Shipping June 2017

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  • Description

    The HAVEN Bundle is $9 less than buying a lock and key fob separately. Includes one key fob and one HAVEN lock.

    HAVEN is a first-of-its-kind “preventative” home security platform. Our floor-anchored, electronic locking wedge fortifies the door at its strongest point – the base.

    Made with steel, Delrin™, and military grade nylon, the HAVEN system stands strong against relentless kicking, lock bumping and even a battering ram.

    Expected release: June 2017

    *Currently only shipping to US and Canada
    **Actual color, shape, and design may change before shipping. Shipping date may change based on production timeline and product demand.

  • Technical Details
    Composition Steel, Delrin™, and military grade nylon
    Connection: Bluetooth Low Energy
    Strength: 10x stronger than a deadbolt, Haven can withstand a break-in attempt.
    Security: FIPS compliant encryption ensuring confidential data
    Main Battery: Rechargeable 3.7V 5000MAH Lipo battery
    Backup Battery: Two alkaline Triple A batteries
    Smartphone: Connect to HAVEN via the mobile app (Android & iPhone)
    WiFi: Connect to HAVEN anywhere using the WiFi bridge
Design & Testing - Knoxville, TN
Design & Testing
Knoxville, TN

HAVEN has been designed for strength and longevity.
We are always testing HAVEN to make it better.