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HAVEN Sliding Glass Door Kit


Product Overview

Now you can protect the sliding glass door entryway of your home with our Sliding Glass Door Kit for Internally Tracked / Framed Doors that open both to the left and to the right.  This kit gives you extra peace of mind knowing that you can finally secure this entry point to your home.

To find which kit is right for you please review our sizing guide here: Sliding Glass Door Kit Sizing Guide

To learn more about installing this accessory you can navigate to our install guide here: Sliding Glass Door Kit Install Instructions

This kit includes all the hardware you need and installs easily in about 10 minutes with the right tools.  It allows you to use any HAVEN lock to secure your sliding glass door entryway.  The kit comes in white, but can easily be painted to match the frame decor or floor with a common finishing spray paint from your local hardware store.  (Haven MECH or CONNECT lock sold separately. Sliding Glass Door Kit DOES NOT INCLUDE A LOCK). 


How Does the Lock work with this kit?  The specifically designed bracket makes contact with the side of the Haven Locking Gate as depicted below.

How Strong is the Lock?  The lock gives you the ability to have more confidence around the security of your sliding glass door entryway. The lock is still built to the same strength standards, but uses different physics to keep the door shut. 

What is the difference between Option A and Option B? 

Option A has a 3/4 inch depth from the bracket lip to the attachment point on the door.  This is great if you have a thinly framed sliding glass door.  

Option B has a 1.5 inch depth from the bracket lip to the attachment point on the door.  This is for sliding glass doors that have a thicker frame (like the door in our installation video)

How Do I Know Which Option is best for me?  Use our fit and sizing guide to determine which one is best for you.  Check the guide here: Sliding Glass Door Kit Sizing Guide

What is an internally framed (tracked) door?  Simply put, it means that the sliding portion of the door sits on the inside of the home in front of the static glass window that your door slides in front of.  This kit will not work for doors that are externally tracked.


How Hard is the kit to Install?  Since you will be installing the lock into the floor, and the kit at the same time, the level of difficulty is about the same- medium.  Our step by step install guide and video take you through the process easily.

What does the kit come with?  The kit comes with the bracket, VHB tape, and screws.  It does not include a lock so be sure to add either a Mech or Connect at checkout.  

Other things to know?  We recommend that you use both the VHB tape and the screws together when you install the bracket for maximum strength.  You can also use Gorilla Glue that is construction grade which is available at your local hardware store.


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