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Bluetooth Enabled

Re-boxed HAVEN Connect (BLE)


NOTE: HAVEN re-boxed products work and look like new. These products have been inspected and tested to guarantee they are in perfect working order and come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty. Discount codes do not apply to clearance items. All sales on our clearance items are final.  Installation instructions can be found at install.havenlock.com

HAVEN is a first-of-its-kind preventative home-security product. Our floor-anchored, electronic locking wedge fortifies the door at its strongest point – the base.

Made with steel, Delrin™, and military-grade nylon, the HAVEN system is 10x stronger than your deadbolt.

Technical Details:

  • Composition: Steel, Delrin™, and military-grade nylon
  • Connection: Bluetooth® Low Energy
  • Strength: 10x stronger than your deadbolt, Haven provides an additional layer of protection in an effort to deter a break-in at the door
  • Installation: You can learn how to install our products at install.havenlock.com. Also, check out our optional 3M VHB Tape Accessory, which allows you to install the lock in less than 3 minutes.
  • Security: FIPS compliant encryption ensuring confidential data
  • Main Battery: Rechargeable 3.7V 5000MAH Lipo battery that lasts for over a year
  • Smartphone: Connect to HAVEN via the mobile app (Android & iPhone)
  • WiFi: Connect to HAVEN anywhere using the HAVEN Hub (sold separately)

Note:  *E90 batteries are no longer needed or required

[additional]The Haven Connect comes with:

  • lock
  • spacer
  • riser
  • charger
  • instructions
  • hardware
Note:  *E90 batteries are no longer needed or required

    The lock easily installs with most doors:

    • Easy install with most doors: Check Compatability

    HAVEN Mobile App

    Apple iOS Android

    Easy Install & Removal

    Installs in 14 minutes or less on average! Either screw anchors into the floor or use VHB Tape

    Learn More

    NEW Attack Detection

    Receive email/push notifications directly to your phone if an intruder tries to get in your home, giving you valuable time to react and prepare. Note: This feature requires the Gateway Hub

    Alexa Compatibility

    HAVEN Connect is now compatible with Amazon Alexa, to make home safety fit seamlessly into your life. Note: This feature requires the Gateway Hub.

    HAVEN Connect + Key Fob

    $249 $319

    HAVEN’s Key Fob makes it easy to lock or unlock your door without the use of a smartphone.

    Add to Cart - $249.00

    Bundle Savings $29.99

    HAVEN Connect + Hub + Fob

    $368 $449

    HAVEN Hub allows you to lock & unlock your door from anywhere rather than being limited to Bluetooth range. With the hub, you can get attack detection alerts if there is a suspected break-in, receive notifications about your door’s activity, and connect to Amazon Alexa.

    Add to Cart - $368

    Bundle Savings $39.99

    Install Easily in Less than 15 Minutes!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    HAVEN will work on most inswing doors. HAVEN is .8 inches (21mm) high when unlocked. The distance from your floor to the bottom of your door should be larger than .8 inches (21mm) in order to accommodate HAVEN. Try the Nickel Test – if your door can pass over a nickel standing vertically on its side, then HAVEN will work for you! A riser comes in the box that is also utilized as the template. If you need to raise the height of the lock to properly grab the bottom of the door, you can use up to 3 risers before needing longer screws. To properly lock against the door, the locking gate needs to make contact with a minimum of .25 inches of the bottom of the door. This video will help.

    HAVEN can work on a variety of floors and works best on hardwood, vinyl, laminate, concrete, and tile floors. Your floor should be clean and clear of any debris before installing. *Please note that when installing HAVEN on tile or concrete you will need to use a masonry bit and utilize concrete screws (not included in the box).

    All HAVEN locks (Mech/Connect/Zwave) are the exact same size. The dimensions are 3.5"W x 29.5" L x .8" H and fits standard doors. It is recommended that you have a .8" clearance from the floor to the bottom of the door. Try the Nickel Test – if your door can pass over a nickel standing vertically on its side, then HAVEN should work for you!

    The HAVEN Connect lock uses an internal rechargeable 3.7V, 5000mAh LiPo battery as the main power source. The battery is good for 350+ charge cycles. A typical full charge should last between up to 12 months with normal daily use. Your app shows you the battery charge and will alert you with an audible chirp, push notification on your phone, and via email when you need to recharge. Lastly, the battery enters a hibernation state at 10% and only allows you to unlock the app.

    Haven Connect Bluetooth version: You can control multiple HAVEN Connects via the smart phone mobile application for iOS and Android. The mobile app has a home screen that displays a list of all locks and ekeys associated with the account. From this screen you can control any lock individually. The Haven Key Fob can only control one HAVEN Connect. Think of a car key fob, you can have multiple fobs to start one car, but you can’t start multiple cars with only one key fob. This is an added security feature. You can also control it via Amazon Alexa.

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