The Stronger, Smarter Home Lock

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A new form of home security

A Revolution In Home Security

Meet HAVEN - The strongest & smartest home security system. HAVEN prevents break-ins unlike deadbolts or other door locks. Over 80% of homes burglaries start with forced entry at the front or back door. A swift kick to your front door will let anyone into your home even if you have a deadbolt. HAVEN is the only door security product that prevents break-ins by using the foundation of your house to secure your front door.


Most smart locks are just deadbolt replacements. They don't offer any more protection than the lock currently on your door. HAVEN is different. HAVEN reinforces your door to prevent break-ins as they happen. HAVEN is installed on the bottom of your door and creates a wedge when locked that will keep your door closed even if someone is trying to break down your door. HAVEN is designed to drive the force from a break-in away from the door and down into the floor. HAVEN can withstand a huge force against the door. HAVEN Prevents break-ins.

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Gateway to the Smarthome

Gateway to the Smarthome