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Haven Lockdown

To learn how HAVEN Lockdown can protect you



The strongest lock
available with 2,000
lbs. holding force



Built-in accelerometers
sense any attempted
door breach



Intruder location
alerts sent via text,
app, or email

Safety Act Designation
2022 ESX Award Winner
PASS partner
US Navy
as seen on Shark Tank

Why Choose HAVEN

The increasing risk of active intrusion needs an active solution. That’s why HAVEN was created, to give peace of mind and the toughest line of protection to our children, staff, people, and patients.

HAVEN was founded by former members of the military and law enforcement. They know what real danger is and have created rock solid defense systems like HAVEN Lockdown™ to put an end to active violence in our schools, offices, places of worship, and government buildings

Compare HAVEN Lockdown

See how HAVEN Lockdown compares to 6 other well known door lockdown solutions.

Lockdown creates a safer school for our most treasured resources: our children.

Lockdown secures the sanctity of our places of worship.

Lockdown puts the safety of your people first; giving your peace of mind.

Lockdown prevents and protects government buildings from intrusion, so we feel less vulnerable.

HAVEN Lockdown

One Motion Unlock Compliant


Activates in less than two seconds


Activate & deactivate with fob/button, mobile app, manually


Simple, one motion egress options for use upon “all clear”

  • HAVEN Lockdown is designed to meet ADA, Fire Code, and Safety Regulations for maximum compliance.
  • HAVEN Lockdown integrates one-motion unlocking.
  • HAVEN Lockdown can be controlled via smartphone, key fob, and manually whenever needed.
  • HAVEN Lockdown when armed detects an intrusion event and notifies administrators of the threat.
  • HAVEN Lockdown uses government level encryption to protect access to all connected locks.
  • HAVEN Lockdown is made of military grade materials.
Haven Lockdown

During my 28 years of law enforcement with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Michigan State Police, I have seen how violent acts can alter a person’s life and their communities.  

Active Shooting Incidents decimate businesses, schools, places of worship, and communities forever.  Haven has created a lockdown system that can mitigate threats within seconds, protecting the ones you care about, and giving them the prospect to go home.  

-Todd DeKatch, Supervisory Special Agent of the FBI