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Meet Haven

Protect What Matters Most

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Full strength, mechanical only HAVEN lock

Ships by November 2016

HAVEN Connect
HAVEN Connect

Wifi and Bluetooth Connected HAVEN lock

As Seen On:

Peace of mind, at home

  • Manual lock/unlock inside the home
  • 10x stronger than deadbolt
  • Built with military grade materials
  • Made in the USA
HAVEN Connect

Peace of mind, anywhere

  • All the features of Mech
  • Bluetooth Access
  • Mobile App Control
  • Intrusion Notification
  • Smart Home integration

10x Stronger Than Your Deadbolt

  • Wedge barrier reinforces & locks your door

  • Built with military grade materials

  • Notifies you of an attempted break in

  • Bluetooth keyfob for easy access

  • Smart Home Integration

  • Connect from anywhere

Explore HAVEN

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  HAVEN Mech HAVEN Connect
Stronger Than A Deadbolt
Built with military grade materials
Mechanical Lock/Unlock
Mobile App
Bluetooth Keyfob
Keyless Entry
Built In Accelerometer
Forced Entry Alerts (HAVEN Beacon)
Wifi Bridge (Connect from anywhere)
Smart Home Integration

The HAVEN Future

  • WiFi Smart Bridge
  • IoT Device Integration
  • Smoke and Fire Detection
  • Geofencing features
  • 24-hour police monitoring
Gateway to the Smarthome