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HAVEN: The Stronger, Smarter Home Lock

HAVEN at the base of door

Trust HAVEN to protect your Family

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Operation HAVEN:
Secure the Homefront Sweepstakes

You protect us, so HAVEN wants to protect your family while you're deployed! Enter for a chance to win a free HAVEN Connect!

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HAVEN Connect
HAVEN Connect Logo
Smart Protection for Your Family And Home
Bluetooth Smart Lock
Developed By U.S. Special Ops Veterans

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HAVEN Mech Slider
HAVEN Mech Logo
Tested and Built by U.S. Special Ops Veterans
10x Stronger than a Deadbolt
Real Protection for Your Home and Family

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HAVEN Lockdown


Protect students. Safeguard teachers.

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HAVEN Doorway

HAVEN lock provides a secure barrier that is 10x stronger than a deadbolt.

Break-in Testimonial
"I just wanted to thank you for making this product. My husband is Active Duty military and is not home, leaving just me and our 6 month old daughter in our house. He installed the HAVEN locks for protection, never thinking that we would need to rely on them. Last night, someone attempted to break into our house however they were unsuccessful due to the locks we had. While it was a scary situation, I am eternally grateful that we both are safe and that no one was harmed. Thank you so much!"
Erin, Louisiana
HAVEN Product Finder
Aligning the planets and stars....

Let us find the right product for you!

We just have a few questions in order to help you find the right product for your home or business

What sort of lock would you prefer?
How many exterior facing doors do you have in your home that need a HAVEN lock?
How handy are you with tools and home repairs?
Is your threshold the right height for HAVEN?
Turn a nickel (USD) on its side, if your door opens over it with light resistance HAVEN works for you.

    Your door will likely need to be trimmed down in order for HAVEN to work properly. Check out our install guide for tips and tutorials on how to shorten your door.

What floor type do you have? (if you have carpet, choose the floor type underneath)
How many employees/students are in your school or business?
Your recommended products

Based on your selections, here are the products we suggest for your home security needs. Choose, what you think you need, or add them all to your cart!

HAVEN Mech Our mechanically operated barricade lock designed for peace of mind at home. It is 10x stronger than a deadbolt and mounts at the base of your door.


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HAVEN Connect
HAVEN Connect Our "Smart" barricade lock designed for peace of mind at home and while away. Mounts at the base of your door for superior strength and is controlled via a smartphone app or optional key fob accessory.


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3M VHB Tape Install Kit
3M VHB Tape Install Kit 3M VHB Tape is a great install option for all Haven Locks. For people who do not want to drill into their floor, 3M VHB Tape is a great alternative install method. It only takes a few minutes to install, and VHB tape is super strong.


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HAVEN Key Fob The HAVEN key fob allows you to control HAVEN Connect via Bluetooth from outside your home.


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HAVEN Riser Based on the height of your threshold, we think you may need some risers to bring HAVEN up a bit in order for it to make proper contact with your door. The quantity has been adjusted to reflect this distance.


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Our Smart Lock

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Our Manual Lock

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HAVEN Blue Wall

10x Stronger Than Your Deadbolt

  • Built to protect your family & home from a break-in
  • Built with military grade materials
  • Notifies you of an attempted break in
    *WIFI Hub Required, coming fall 2018
  • Bluetooth keyfob for easy access
  • Smart Home Integration
  • Connect from anywhere


  • 10x Stronger than a deadbolt
  • Tested to last longer than 25 years
  • Easy to use and install
  • Made in America

HAVEN vs. Deadbolt

HAVEN Deadbolt
Number of Kicks
Customer Testimonials
Customer Testimonials
I bought this lock for greater peace of mind and security during my pregnancy. Easy to install and use. Thanks HAVEN! Liz, Chicago, IL -
Liz, , Chicago, IL - 5/22/2018


Chicago, IL - 5/22/2018
When I saw Haven lock I said to myself, "what a perfect solution"! It could not have been easier to install and I am very pleased at its design, construction and operation, and being a veteran myself I applaud the fact that it represents the labors of veterans and that it's made in America. Micheal W., Fort Worth, TX
Finally got my back door replaced and installed the Haven without incident. The Haven is in place and I love it. I love that it's made here in America and wish you success in going forward with your enterprise. P.S. The guy who replaced my door was so impressed with your Haven Lock that he was going to get one for himself!
The Lee Family, , San Diego - April 2017

The Lee Family

San Diego - April 2017
My family and I were looking to secure our front door. We looked into installing a deadbolt lock. However, this was too cumbersome and required multiple keys, and it was too time consuming to open and close the door. Haven Lock was perfect. It met all of our criteria. It was 10x stronger than a standard deadbolt lock. It was easy and quick to lock and unlock. This was exactly what we needed! The Lee Family, San Diego -
Intruders can't pick locks or force their way in by targeting the deadlock (in fact you won't even need a set of keys) because Haven acts a powerful smart wedge that reinforces the strongest part of your door. It's so strong, it can take on a battering ram and come away victorious. Matt Brian, Engadget
James, , North Carolina - July 2017


North Carolina - July 2017
As a police officer I have seen a lot of break-ins. I have HAVEN installed in my home and know that my family is safe while I am at work. HAVEN is probably the most innovative security product I have seen in my 10+ years in the department. Mike M.
The Banks Family, , Nashville, TN - May 2017

The Banks Family

Nashville, TN - May 2017
Ryan, , Houston, TX - December 2017


Houston, TX - December 2017
Dean, , Columbia, SC - July 2018


Columbia, SC - July 2018
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