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All HAVEN locks are 10x stronger than a deadbolt and install in less than 15 minutes
Woman and her dog with Havenlock Mech in the background

Easy Install & Removal

Installs in 14 minutes or less on average! Either screw anchors into the floor or use VHB Tape.

Security PLUS Prevention

Haven lock stops break-ins BEFORE they happen rather than alerting you after. New attack detection features also alert you of forced entry attempts.

HAVEN Lock stops armed intruder - caught on home security camera

"The HAVEN Lock saved my family. When it comes down to your family’s security and safety, it is 100% worth the price. Everybody should have one."

- Kyle H. North Carolina

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HAVEN protects mother and her 1-year-old daughter

"Had the HAVEN Lock not been there, the [intruder] would’ve been immediately able to enter our house."

- Erin L. Louisiana

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