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Haven: 10x stronger than the deadbolt

10x Stronger than your deadbolt

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HAVEN Lockdown

Protect Students. Protect Teachers.

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Full strength, mechanical only HAVEN lock

HAVEN Connect

Wifi and Bluetooth Connected HAVEN lock

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Are you safe in your own home?

73% of all burglaries are residential

60% of burglars enter through a door

15% of burglary calls go unanswered by the police

$2,125 is the average loss in home burglary


  • 10x Stronger than a deadbolt
  • Tested to last longer than 25 years
  • Easy to use and install
  • Made in America

HAVEN vs. Deadbolt

Deadbolt HAVEN
Number of Kicks

Using HAVEN is Easy.

  • 1 Install HAVEN

    Pop the top and secure to floor

  • 2 Step to Lock

    Step to Lock Haven Mech

    Step on the right pedal to LOCK

  • 3 Step to Unlock

    Step to Lock Haven Mech

    Step on the middle to UNLOCK


A Smartlock lock that protects your home


A Barricade lock that protects your home
HAVEN Mech HAVEN Connect

HAVEN is 10x stronger than your deadbolt.

When I saw Haven lock I said to myself, "what a perfect solution"! It could not have been easier to install and I am very pleased at its design, construction and operation, and being a veteran myself I applaud the fact that it represents the labors of veterans and that it's made in America. Micheal W., Fort Worth, TX
Finally got my back door replaced and installed the Haven without incident. The Haven is in place and I love it. I love that it's made here in America and wish you success in going forward with your enterprise. P.S. The guy who replaced my door was so impressed with your Haven Lock that he was going to get one for himself!
My family and I were looking to secure our front door. We looked into installing a deadbolt lock. However, this was too cumbersome and required multiple keys, and was too time consuming top open and close the door. Haven Lock was perfect. It met all of our criteria. It was 10x stronger than a standard deadbolt lock. It was easy and quick to lock and unlock. This was exactly what we needed! The Lee Family
Intruders can't pick locks or force their way in by targeting the deadlock (in fact you won't even need a set of keys) because Haven acts a powerful smart wedge that reinforces the strongest part of your door. It's so strong, it can take on a battering ram and come away victorious. Matt Brian - Engadget
As a police officer I have seen a lot of break-ins. I have HAVEN installed in my home and know that my family is safe while I am at work. HAVEN is probably the most innovative security product I have seen in my 10+ years in the department. Mike M.

Customer Installations

Lee Family - San Diego - April 2017

The Lee Family

San Diego - April 2017
Banks Family - Nashville - May 2017

The Banks Family

Nashville - May 2017
James - North Carolina - June 2017


North Carolina - July 2017
Ryan - Houston, TX - December 2017


Houston, TX - December 2017
Veteran Owned and Mastered in Tennessee

Veteran Owned &
Mastered in Tennessee

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