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  • 10x stronger than a deadbolt
  • DIY installation
  • Made with steel, Delrin™, and military grade nylon
  • Key sharing, scheduling, and smartphone access available

10x Stronger

First-of-its-kind “preventative” home security product

Our floor-anchored, electronic locking wedge fortifies the door at its strongest point – the base.

Easy to Use

Manual, Key Fob, and Bluetooth

HAVEN offers products that can be controlled manually or via key fob and mobile app.

Protection Everywhere

HAVEN Lock for Homes & HAVEN Lockdown for Institutions

HAVEN provides protection for homes, schools, work, and places of worship.

Are you safe in your own home?

1 in every 36 U.S. homes will be robbed

57.5% of burglaries involved forcible entry

Victims of burglary suffered an estimated $3.4B in property losses

There are over 1 million home invasions each year

(source: FBI 2017 and DOJ)

Residential Products

Are our schools safe?

2018 was the deadliest year for school shootings on record

97 school gun violence incidents

55 fatalities

12 minutes is the typical duration of an active shooter scenario
(source: FBI 2018 and DOJ)

Learn about HAVEN Lockdown for schools, businesses and places of worship.
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