HavenLock Inc. Enhances Board with New Appointments: James Rothstein and Janice Orlando

HavenLock Inc., an industry frontrunner in active shooter prevention smart lock technology, is thrilled to confirm the induction of James Rothstein and Janice Orlando into its Board of Directors. The integration of these respected professionals signifies HavenLock’s ongoing commitment to advancing its tech-driven approach in the locking sector.

James Rothstein: Boasting a remarkable 30-year trajectory in the security domain, James has been an influential figure, guiding key decisions within notable security-focused corporations. Presently an operating partner at Lee Equity Partners and holding the reins as Chairman of the Security Industry Association, James Rothstein commented, “I am really excited to join the board of Haven and support this veteran-owned business in their quest to prevent active shooters from gaining access to facilities, whether that is schools, commercial facilities, or religious institutions. I truly see the opportunity for global impact with their unique approach and technology, revolutionizing the locking industry.”

Janice Orlando: With significant roles at the Pasadena Angels Executive Committee and as a Venture Partner with Untapped Ventures, Janice’s proficiency spans production, manufacturing, and SaaS. A long-time supporter of HavenLock in her capacity as an angel investor, she’s now keen to elevate her involvement. Janice Orlando shared her thoughts, saying, “I have been working with Haven as an angel investor for several years, and I am proud to join the board to support them in scaling the company. The work Haven is doing to serve our communities and make them feel safer is a noble cause, and one that we should all be proud of.”

Our CEO, Alex Bertelli, voiced his appreciation, stating, “I am tremendously grateful for James and Janice joining the Haven board. We couldn’t be more fortunate to have both of these excellent business leaders guiding us to the next level. James’ industry experience will allow us to gain access to the market faster, serving more customers in the industry. Janice’s expertise in scaling businesses and building resources will help us support that growth.”

Veteran Ventures Capital, HavenLock’s principal investor, extended their commendation. Dr. Josh Weed remarked, “I am delighted to welcome James and Janice to our Haven Board of Directors. James’ 30+ years of security industry experience and expansive network, along with Janice’s entrepreneurial experience as a founder, operator, and angel investor, are the right people at the right time for Haven’s growth plans. Each of them has already made meaningful contributions to Haven, and I look forward to working together as a Board to further accelerate the company’s growth and expansion strategy. Equally as important, their enthusiasm for the HavenLock solution and support of Alex’s product vision is a strong endorsement of the company’s future trajectory.”

With the bolstered strength of its Board of Directors through the inclusion of these seasoned professionals, HavenLock remains steadfast in its mission of enhancing community safety via its state-of-the-art active shooter prevention tools.

LockDown Security System Earns Prestigious SAFETY Act Designation

Safety Act Designation HavenLock, a leading provider of innovative security solutions, has recently received the SAFETY Act Designation from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for its Haven LockDown active shooter defense system. This is a significant accomplishment for HavenLock, as Haven LockDown is the only locking system of its type to receive this award, which highlights the company’s commitment to providing advanced security solutions to help mitigate the risk of active shooter incidents.

The SAFETY Act, established by Congress as part of the Homeland Security Act of 2002, offers legal liability protections to companies that develop and deploy qualified anti-terrorism technologies that could save lives in the event of an attack. With SAFETY Act Designation, clients such as venues, schools, and commercial facilities are not liable for any claims relating to the award holder’s services in the event of an act of terrorism. The provider of the service enjoys a liability cap commensurate with its insurance coverage. This award underscores the importance of the SAFETY Act Designation and how it supports companies like HavenLock that provide advanced security solutions.

To achieve the SAFETY Act coverage, HavenLock has been working with The Homeland Security Consulting Group (HSCG) and its Founder, David McWhorter, PhD, for many years. HavenLock’s partnership with HSCG has helped to ensure that Lockdown was safe and effective in a threat scenario. The SAFETY Act Designation process is rigorous, and this partnership has enabled HavenLock to meet the requirements and expectations of the DHS in its evaluation of Haven LockDown.

Haven LockDown is an innovative locking system that provides a crucial barrier to entry in emergency situations. This ensures that doors cannot be breached, making it an effective solution in the event of an active shooter incident. With the SAFETY Act Designation, HavenLock can offer customers the assurance that its anti-terrorism technology has been rigorously evaluated and deemed effective by the DHS. This recognition provides clients with the most reliable and effective active shooter defense system available, reinforcing HavenLock’s commitment to providing advanced security solutions to mitigate the risk of active shooter incidents.

“Receiving this award reinforces our commitment to providing a safer environment for people to work, study, and worship in. Working with DHS on this award was a massive undertaking that took us years to ensure that Lockdown was safe and effective in a threat scenario,” said Alex Bertelli, CEO of HavenLock. This statement underscores HavenLock’s commitment to developing advanced security solutions to help mitigate the risk of active shooter incidents and highlights the company’s dedication to providing a safer environment for people.

In summary, HavenLock’s SAFETY Act Designation for its Haven LockDown active shooter defense system highlights the company’s commitment to providing advanced security solutions to mitigate the risk of active shooter incidents. HavenLock’s partnership with HSCG and recognition by the DHS reinforces the company’s commitment to innovation and ensuring that its clients have access to the most advanced technology to mitigate security risks. With the SAFETY Act Designation, HavenLock can offer clients the assurance that its anti-terrorism technology has been rigorously evaluated and deemed effective by the DHS, providing the most reliable and effective active shooter defense system available.

HavenLock, Inc. Announces Z-Wave Integration For Their Flagship Residential Smart Lock

HavenLock, Inc. has announced that their flagship home security product now offers Z-Wave technology for smart home integration. Z-Wave is a wireless communication protocol that allows devices to communicate with each other using low-energy radio waves. This connectivity allows homeowners to control networked devices from a smartphone, tablet, or computer, making it even easier to integrate Haven’s industry-leading security products into their increasingly connected lives.

Implementing Z-Wave technology in a new model called Haven Lock Z-Wave also increases the smart lock’s power and flexibility as a home security solution. Z-Wave is used by many major home security firms, including ADT, Vivint and Frontpoint, and by platforms such as Alarm.com, to create networked and automated security solutions. Adding Z-Wave capabilities allows Haven Lock Z-Wave to integrate seamlessly into comprehensive modern smart home security systems. “The biggest security brands in the world have shown great interest in HAVEN products,” HAVEN founder Alex Bertolli said. “They’ve asked us to integrate Haven Lock into their platforms, and adding the Z-Wave communication protocol allows us to do that. Haven Lock Z-Wave brings our break-in prevention devices to brand new markets, helping us keep more people safe in their homes.”

Developed by Danish firm Zensys in 1999, modern Z-Wave technology currently connects over 3000 products made by 700+ companies. Its protocol enables communication between things like lighting controls, outlets, remote controls, smart home security systems and locks, and thermostats. Beyond home security services, Z-Wave is used by a broad range of global service providers, including AT&T, GE/Interlogics, Honeywell, Lowes, Verizon, and more.

About HavenLock, Inc.

HavenLock, Inc. offers residential and commercial smart locks designed to keep intruders out with one touch and/or automated activation. Over 10x stronger than a deadbolt, residential HAVEN smart locks use military grade materials in a design created by former Special Operations Military pilot Alex Bertelli. Bertelli’s combat experience in Iraq and Afghanistan informs everything from the lock’s design to the company’s goal of becoming a thought leader in the security space. HavenLock, Inc. proudly employs veterans and manufactures their line of security products in the U.S. Learn more about HAVEN’s residential and commercial offerings at havenlock.com and havenlock.com.