10 Simple Measures for Improved Active Shooter Safety in Schools

10 Simple Measures for Improved Active Shooter Safety in Schools

In recent years, active shooter incidents have become a harsh reality for schools across the country. These devastating events have left school communities shaken and searching for solutions to improve active shooter safety. As a company dedicated to protecting people and their belongings, we at Haven Lock understand the importance of keeping schools safe. That’s why we have compiled a list of 10 simple measures that schools can implement to enhance active shooter safety and create a more secure learning environment for students and staff.


1) The Current State of Active Shooter Incidents in Schools

The current state of active shooter incidents in schools is alarming. Sadly, these incidents have become more frequent in recent years, posing a significant threat to the safety of students and staff. Traditional security measures are no longer sufficient to prevent or respond to these situations effectively. That’s where smart door lock systems, like HavenLock, come in. By implementing innovative technologies, schools can take a proactive approach to enhance their security measures and create a safer environment for everyone.


2) Why School Security Needs to Evolve

With the rise in school shooter incidents, it’s clear that traditional security measures are no longer enough. The safety of students and staff should be a top priority, which is why school security needs to evolve. By implementing smart door lock systems, like HavenLock, schools can take a proactive approach to protect against active shooters and create a more secure learning environment. It’s time to embrace innovative technologies and prioritize the safety of our school communities.


3) Understanding the Power of Smart Lock Systems

As schools grapple with the increasing threat of school shooters, it’s essential to understand the power of smart door lock systems. These innovative solutions have the potential to revolutionize school security by providing an added layer of protection. By integrating advanced technology into our school buildings, we can significantly reduce the risk of a school shooter gaining access and ensure a safe learning environment for all. The power of smart lock systems is undeniable in the fight against school violence.


4) Ten Practical Measures for Enhanced School Security

In the quest to enhance active shooter safety in schools, implementing practical measures is crucial. Here are ten simple yet effective steps schools can take to improve security. These measures include implementing a comprehensive lockdown plan, conducting regular active shooter drills, enhancing communication systems, and investing in advanced door lock systems like HavenLock. By adopting these practical measures, schools can create a safer learning environment for their students and staff.


5) How HavenLock Provides Essential Solutions for Active Shooter Safety

HavenLock is revolutionizing school security by providing essential solutions for active shooter safety. Our advanced smart door lock system offers an added layer of protection, making it significantly harder for intruders to gain access to classrooms. With its innovative technology, HavenLock is a crucial tool in the fight against school violence. By implementing HavenLock, schools can enhance their security measures and create a safer learning environment for students and staff.


6) Implementation Strategies and Success Stories

Implementing strategies for enhanced school security is essential for creating a safer learning environment. Schools can start by conducting a comprehensive security assessment to identify vulnerabilities and develop an action plan. It’s important to involve students, staff, and parents in the process to ensure everyone is on board and aware of the security measures in place. Success stories from other schools that have implemented these strategies can provide inspiration and guidance for schools looking to improve their active shooter safety.


7) The Role of Students and Staff in Maintaining School Security

Students and staff play a vital role in maintaining school security. They are the eyes and ears on the ground and can help identify potential threats or suspicious activities. It’s important to encourage a culture of vigilance and empower students and staff to report any concerning behavior. Regular training sessions can also educate them on emergency procedures and teach them how to respond effectively in an active shooter situation. By working together, students and staff can create a safer learning environment for everyone.


8) Bridging the Gap Between Technology and School Safety

Technology has become an integral part of our lives, and it’s time we bridge the gap between technology and school safety. By incorporating advanced systems like HavenLock, schools can leverage the power of technology to enhance active shooter safety. These innovative solutions provide a seamless integration of security measures and create a more secure learning environment. Let’s embrace technology and bridge the gap for a safer future.


9) An Investment in School Security is an Investment in Our Children’s Future

Ensuring the safety and security of our children in schools is not just a responsibility; it is an investment in their future. By prioritizing school security and implementing measures like advanced door lock systems, we are creating a learning environment that fosters growth, confidence, and peace of mind. Investing in school security means investing in the well-being and success of our children, and it is a decision that will pay off for generations to come.


10) Final Thoughts on Boosting School Safety with HavenLock

Incorporating HavenLock into your school’s security measures is a proactive step towards boosting active shooter safety. By implementing this advanced smart door lock system, you are providing an essential solution to protect students and staff. The power of technology, coupled with practical measures, can create a more secure learning environment. Invest in HavenLock and prioritize the safety of your school community, because the well-being of our children is worth every effort.


Suggested Lockdown Procedures for Schools

Suggested Lockdown Procedures for Schools

The best strategy to improve school safety is to be familiar with lockdown procedures. Events like the Columbine and the Sandy Hook shooting have taught us that, unfortunately, school shootings are becoming more common as the years go on. Understanding the right procedures and security measures can make a difference between life and death for your staff and students.

An emergency lockdown happens when there is danger, and faculty and staff need to ensure the safety of their students by acting quickly and efficiently. It’s crucial that all staff members be trained and educated on how to handle emergencies in dangerous situations.

Why Should Schools be Better Prepared?

In the last couple of years alone, the United States has seen an uptick in the purchasing of guns and mass shootings. The gun violence archive has counted over 300 mass shootings this year, painting a scary picture for the months to come. To help create more situational awareness, schools should take extra precautions if an emergency ever arrives at the school’s doorstep. These include extra security measures like lockdown doors, knowing how to spot a potential threat, and adding additional lockdown procedures.

There are multiple different events to be prepared for. The types of emergencies that require extra lockdown procedures include:

  • Active shooter or mass shooting
  • Hostage holding
  • Protests and riots
  • Natural disasters

Now that you know what kind of events require extra precaution, here are a few tips to consider to better prepare you for an emergency.

Know the Layout of your School

While this seems self-explanatory, you would be surprised at how many faculty members do not know the full layout and available exits in their school. Teachers and staff should be aware of all classrooms, room numbers, hallways, and exits within the school. Knowing this information will be crucial to making decisions and communicating during a hostile situation.

Plan How to Barricade your Classroom

Assess the environment of your classroom and plan how you would barricade and lock the doors. Arrange furniture, your desk, and the students seating in strategic ways in the room. Planning how to handle a true lockdown beforehand will ensure better protection and preparation for your students while in the classroom.

Utilize Alternative Evacuation

In the instance that there is an active shooter in the hallways, or the doors are barricaded, understand how to utilize the windows for evacuation purposes. This depends on whether it is safe enough to climb out the windows in an emergency. Practice opening the windows in your classroom so that you are prepared if you ever need to use them as an evacuation tactic. If your classroom windows do not open, you may have to break the window if necessary.

What to do if a Lockdown is Issued

Utilizing the above tips could help make an attack harder when you are better prepared for it. Each school may have a different set of lockdown procedures to know. However, below are the most common lockdown procedures all faculty, staff, and students should abide by.

  1. Lock the doors and windows
  2. Turn off the lights and close the blinds
  3. Instruct the students to stay quiet and away from any doors and windows
  4. Silence all technology like computers and phones
  5. Count every student in the room
  6. Wait until further instruction

General Sequence of Events during a Lockdown

Each lockdown is unique based on the circumstance. However, a lockdown is typically the same sequence of events, meaning it’s more than possible to prepare as best you can for any situation. The first thing that will happen is the sounding of an alarm. An alarm is set off to immediately notify the staff of an intruder or a natural disaster. This is the first step in the lockdown procedure, and upon hearing this signal, faculty and staff should prepare accordingly.

The second step is to commence the lockdown procedures for the specific disaster. This is where teachers lock the doors to their classrooms and get the students away from the doors and windows. Someone will call 911, where the police should arrive, and implement further instructions on how to proceed. During the lockdown, teachers should maintain a secure classroom. Teachers should keep the students in a safe area away from the doors and windows, and should not open them under any circumstance unless told to do so. Teachers should also take a head count of their students, and if any are missing, notify someone immediately.

After the event has passed means it is the end of the lockdown and is safe for teachers and students to come out of their classrooms. The school principal should also notify the parents of the students if the parents do not already know.

Teachers should constantly be prepared for a lockdown, and practice these drills with their students. The more everyone is prepared, the safer the environment is in case of a tragedy.



How to Recognize a Potential Active Shooter

How to Recognize a Potential Active Shooter

The United States has seen record highs in the last couple of years regarding mass shootings. The gun violence archive has counted over 300 mass shootings this year, and that number keeps rising every day. There is no official definition of a mass shooting, but we can concur it is defined as firearm incidents involving four or more victims. Statistics show there were 417 mass shootings in 2019, 611 mass shootings in 2020, and 693 in 2021. These numbers show an obvious incline, making it impossible not to take precautions.

While implementing extra security measures like lockdown door systems, armed security guards, and training can mean the difference between life and death, the safest bet to eliminating an active shooter threat is before they become an active shooter. This includes knowing the signs of someone contemplating violence and being able to recognize the makings of a potential active shooter.

Observable Behaviors of Concern

The FBI conducted a study on the most common observable behaviors in active shooters. While some behaviors are common among everyone, it is the displaying of multiple behaviors at once in the daily lives of these individuals to be concerned with. The study concludes that at least 5 of these behaviors are common in all active shooters, and most, if not all active shooters experience mental stressors in their everyday lives. These mental stressors include depression, anxiety, paranoia, and other factors in their lives that may warrant their violence. Below are a few signs to look out for to recognize a potential active shooter.

An Obsession with Gun and Mass Shootings

Gun violence is a fixture in American society. Since embedded into the Constitution as the Second Amendment, guns have been prevalent in the United States. It is relatively easy to obtain one and even easier to know how to fire one. Consequently, Americans’ obsession with guns has led to a dangerous mindset instilled in us at a young age. Look out for individuals who are overly obsessed with gun violence and mass killings.

Easy Access to Firearms

While it’s one thing to be obsessed with guns, it’s another to be obsessed with owning them. Someone who brags about easy access to firearms or owns one already can become a potential threat. Again, the Second Amendment makes it legal to be a gun owner in the United States, but being openly passionate about guns and their associated violence is a red flag.

Being a Target of Long-Term Bullying

Studies show that being bullied, and also being the bully directly correlate to violence within both parties. 70% of students who have experienced bullying carry a weapon to school. That weapon could very much be a gun and could result in serious violence. When considering factors of a potential threat, bullying should be high on that list.

Extreme Isolation or Withdrawal

Early childhood trauma, like extreme bullying and home violence, is a common denominator among most active shooters. These early childhood traumas can build up to hopelessness, despair, and social isolation. When someone starts activating differently in this sense, take note, and make an effort to find out what caused their social withdrawal, as it can lead to dangerous effects.

 Excessively Aggressive Response to Minor Issues

Someone who is experiencing inner turmoil may have an aggressive response to a seemingly minor issue on more than one occurrence. This marks a lack of self-regulation and can lead to serious harm. The inability to regulate strong emotions when faced with a difficult situation is detrimental to them, and others. An aggressive response can result in an aggressive reaction, so being able to spot someone with low self-regulation can be preventative.

Overt Threats of Violence

Studies show that more than half of active shooters communicate their violent nature to their victims or third parties before a mass shooting. This can involve verbal or written threats, as well as leakage of feelings, fantasies, or intentions of harm to a third party. Violent imagery and videos are also another sign of intense aggression and should be watched very closely.


Gun violence and mass shootings are a multi-faced problem, one that needs more solutions than we currently have. Staying prepared and understanding the signs of a potential active shooter can save your life, and theirs. More often than not, people wait until after the mass shooting to identify what could have been the cause of such inner turmoil. If anyone demonstrates a combination of these signs, be cautious and take action.


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