Haven Lockdown Demonstration


This video displays how the HAVEN Lockdown system is activated and deactivated by using the key fob, egress buttons, and manually at the Davidson County Police Department.

Video Transcript

Did it. Okay. All right, lock. All right, if we want to unlock it, hit unlock. Right? Or we can come over here, lock it. All right, so without any of the phones, these peripherals are going to communicate to it. 

Plus your manual. Plus your manual. You’ve always got the manual override. Okay. Can you do the manual for us? And we’re just recording this? Just pull it down. You’re going to be. No, you do it. You’re more attractive. 

There you go. You didn’t break it. It’s registering that it’s now been attacked. And you can turn that beep off in the app if you wanted to.