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Active Shooter Lockdown System

Haven Lockdown Power G

FACT: Active Shooter Threats are Increasing

Over the past 25 years there has been an increasing number of school shootings and active shooter threats to not only schools, but also offices, places of worship, and medical facilities. As the potential for gun violence toward innocent victims grows exponentially, so does the need for a lockdown solution that can minimize active shooter threats.​

SOLUTION: The #1 Active Shooter Prevention Door Lock System

When an active shooter is detected, every second counts. Not only must a lockdown be implemented immediately, but the door locks that protect those who are faced with the threat of violence must be strong, effective, and offer rapid deployment simultaneously to eliminate access from the active shooter.

The HAVEN Lockdown System is strong (10X stronger than a conventional lock), effective (is impenetrable), and can be deployed immediately and simultaneously to all connected doors when the early warning system detects a threat. It can be operated by an administrator on an integrated panel to lock all doors, or independently within the rooms by key fob, smart phone, or egress button.

HAVEN Lockdown Features

Meets ADA, fire code, and safety regulations
Hard installed for permanent security
10x stronger than a conventional lock
One motion unlock compliant
Made with military grade materials
Triple level failsafe system
Long lasting internal battery
Government level encryption
Threat detection with HAVEN Beacon or integrated system
Connect multiple locks to one system
Control via smart phone, key fob, and manually integrated panel
Inward and outward door compatibility
Dashboard access for admin visibility
Egress button(s) available

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Lockdown right side
Lockdown left side

Accessories & Support

key fob

Key Fob

Easy activate/deactivate

Egress Button

Simple, one motion
egress button for use
upon ‘all clear’

panic button

Motion Sensor

Fast, one motion
panic button
for immediate
Lockdown activation

Motion Sensor

Motion Activated
egress system for
use upon ‘all clear’

smart hub

Ezlo Z-wave Smart Hub

Allows remote cloud-based control
of lock from outside and supports
optional keyfob and other z-wave
compatible accessories.

key switch

Generic Key Switch

Momentary closure
switch for use on the
exterior side of door
for unlock capability

mounting plate

Glass Aluminum Framed
Door Mounting Plate

Allows for mounting on typical
glass doors with standard
aluminum frame

bracket cover

Inswing Top Cosmetic
Bracket Cover

Cover the bracket arm for a cleaner
installation finish.

Service Plans

Firmware, security patches, technical support


Install, curriculum, on-site

Product Specifications

  • Bluetooth / Z-Wave
  • Keyfob, egress button, mobile app, integrated panel
  • Manual operation
  • One motion unlock compliant
  • Fits commercial doors with a standard 2” frame
  • Long life internal rechargeable LiPo battery
  • Dimensions:15.5×4.1×4.5 (LxWxH)
  • FCC, IC, Bluetooth, and UL tested

Code Requirement

  • 2018 Life Safety Compliant
    • meets requirements of chapters Classroom Locking to Prevent Unwanted Entry and Means of Egress
  • NFPA
    • NFPA 80 Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives, Chapter
    • NFPA 252 Standard Methods of Fire Tests of Door Assemblies
  • UL Standard Tested by a NRTL
    • UL10C Tested and passed by Guardian Fire Testing Laboratories, 9/24/2019, Report #EER-8-13-19-Z
    • UL60950-1 Tested and passed by SGS North America, 1/23/2020, Certificate of Compliance SGSNA/20/SUW/00006
    • UL 294 tested and passed by SGS North America
  • Independent Strength Testing
    • Aptus Design Works Impact Test Report, 6/26/2019, Project #E19023