How to Access the Pairing Button



How-to-video on pairing and gaining access to the port within the lock for charging

Video Transcript

All right, so now we’re going to talk a little bit about how to pair the lock or to open up the access port to gain access to the underside of the lock for charging and preparing. As you see the lock.

Now, this front plate face cover comes off after you unlooked loosen the bolts here on the side, it will come off with a little force, and this exposes the underside of the lock where all of the electronics, battery and pairing button are housed.

The reason it’s enclosed is it disables anyone from really tampering with the lock unless they have the tool to undo these bolts. You’ll see underside. The brains of the lock, the board and the battery all sit in this compartment housing there.

You’ve got your pair button right here. You also have the charging port right there on the side.