Installation Hardware Overview



Overview of what comes in the box with the Haven Lockdown, including mounting hardware, key fob, and bracketing piece for either an inward or outward opening door.

Video Transcript

All right, so I’m going to talk a little bit about the mounting hardware, the top, the common setup. We’re seeing kind of in classrooms and offices, churches, etc. And what materials come in the box.

In every box comes a lock, a key fob, and an inward and an outward swinging bracketing piece. In this particular case, this is built and installed for an inward swing door. Each lock comes with a set of concrete screws.

Typically, we’re seeing that frames are poured, so we’ll provide concrete screws that allow you to anchor the bracket to the steel frame. It will also come with throw bolts that are flush on the other side that allow you to install it into the door.

Typical door setup, we’re seeing about a 20 minutes fire rated door. A solid wood core foam door. Excuse me. A solid wood core door is typically what we see in churches and schools, et cetera. The lock is only going to be as strong as the door.

In fact, the lock never fails. The door usually breaks before the lock does. So if you put it on a hollow door or some type of foam door that just isn’t a strong door, then you’re kind of missing the mark on having a hardened classroom, if you will.

So that’s the bracketing materials that come with a bracket in terms of what bolts come with it. And then for the lock, you’ve got those two bolts, too. We see in the frame here that it’s typically poured.

But if it’s not poured, you may need to add some threaded screws to your toolkit. Install the bracketing piece.