Lockdown Installation Part 1



Part 1 of two part series on how to install the Haven Lockdown.

Video Transcript

All right, now we’re going to go over how to install the lock. In every box comes a templated instruction placard that you would actually place on the door to line up and match your holes. It has two components to it.

It has the in swing mounting option, and at the top, which you want the side of the door that you’re installing it to be at the top to show you the correct orientation. If this door was swinging into the hallway, we install it using that side of the template.

But for this case, we’re going to use the inswing door component side of the install pattern and we’re essentially going to line it up on this frame. So that the frame templates right here, line up with the templated holes for the lock.

So at the top, this is where the bracketing installation guide holes are. You just mark your holes and for the lock itself, it sits on the door. You would mark your holes here and you’ll see I’ve already taken time to drill both of these holes and to find out which side of the lock left or right, depending on how the door opens, either left or right, where I want to place the bracket.

But the best thing to do when you install the lock is to make sure that that bracket is lined up with the template in the frame, so that you only have to drill hunts and you don’t make any mistakes as you drill it in.

So you’ll see here that both of those holes match up with the top ten template and these holes match up with the bottom template.