What comes with the Haven Lockdown



Video detailing all the hardware that is included with the Haven Lockdown lock.

Video Transcript

Alright, so now we’re going to be reviewing what actually comes in the box with the lock. Now you’ll see I’ve got the locking unit here and just for kind of installation purposes, you’ll see that this is configured for an inward swinging door but the brackets universal.

So this bracketing piece, if you had a door that swung into the hallway, these ends here would kind of need to rotate on both sides and you can do that by undoing the screws here on the side very easily.

Also comes in the box with a key fob directly paired to the lock. At the plant a template and install instructions bolts not only for the bracket but also for the lock. It comes with an outswing bracketing piece that installs into the frame.

It comes with an install a bracket for an in swing door. It comes with a charging cable and adapter. And if you get the optional accessory of an egress button, this will also come with it as well.