Egress and Key Fob Operation Overview



Demonstration of how the key fob and the egress buttons work with the Haven Lockdown.

Video Transcript

We’re going to talk a little bit about how the key Fob, the lock, and the Egress work together as a system to allow you to activate and deactivate the lock and kind of what their uses are for this key fob comes paired to the lock from the factory with this particular lock.

So you’ll see that I hit the unlock button, unlock off in less than a second. Typically, a teacher will wear this around her neck. She get attached to the same badge lanyard that she wears around her neck for getting in and out of the school.

But typically, what we see best use case teacher wears it on them at all times. If they hear a gunshot or some type of step in there, their active shooter safety plan, she hits the lock button, and in less than a second, it activates the lock for whatever reason.

If someone needs to get out of the classroom, she can always just hit unlock on the key fob to deactivate it. She can also mechanically activate it. Mechanically deactivate it by pushing down on the side of the walk.

And then the last step, if it’s activated and for some reason the keypad doesn’t work and someone can’t reach it. This Egress button is mounted at about doorknob height to code regulations and kind of your jurisdiction.

And if you press the button, it deactivates the lock in less than a second. So great for kids who can’t reach the lock again. It’s at the top off the door, so no one tampers with it. It’s also good for Ada compliance.

So someone in a wheelchair could hit this button if the lock is activated and automatically deactivate the lock in less than a second.