Haven Lockdown Products and Features



Full review of Haven Lockdown line of products, including service plans and warranties.

Video Transcript

We’re going to talk a little bit about what the product line encompasses, what features it has, and kind of things we’re offering with the lock behind kind of our strategy and our philosophy in the business.

When you buy a lock or buy a product from us for a commercial application, you will also have the ability to buy a service plan and to buy a training plan. So right now, the lock comes with a key fob in the box.

You can add an accessory to your order, either an egress button or a motion sensor. You can add additional key fobs if you want. We also offer servicing in terms of what that entails and who offers it.

Typically, an installer in the field will couple our service offering with any maintenance or service plans that they offer to the customer over a yearly basis. But the lot comes with a one year warranty.

If someone buys a service plan from us, it extends the warranty for the life of how long they have the service plan. It comes with the ability to download new firmware updates, security patches, enhance the new features that we eventually update to the lock.

So there’s a lot from the servicing side that a customer will get just beyond an extended warranty, maybe some maintenance and charging access in the field. The lock will get smarter over time. It’s packed with tons of electronics that haven’t been fully activated yet.

They will be activated when users buy the service plan, and we’ll be able to update new features over time as we grow out with the number of schools that we’re in. The other component that we offer is training.

We offer three levels level one, two, and three. Level one comes with every lock, whether you buy the training or not. It tells you how to install the lock, how to use it, how to maintain it. It also gives you a little primer on active shooter training.

Level two is what we offer is a customized digital solution to school so that they can learn how to again use the lock in level one. But then go into some more graduate level work on how to react to an active shooter event.

How to use the lock during an active shooter incident if those are active. Bleeding control. And a bunch of other things that are more specifically tailored to give people the comfort. To use the lock and implement training to save lives in the classroom.

Level three training is more of a customized approach where we send our partnership and representative team out, made up of former law enforcement and military officials who have background in training, again, effective shooter events and really preparing people.

And that’s a more customized approach. We can fly out to your school or your location, teach you about level one and level two in the field, and then also go over customized active shooter training and curriculum, more in depth for all of your teachers and your students.

We offer both kinds. So that’s a product offering. We offer the hardware, we offer the service, and we offer the training.