How Lockdown meets Life Safety Code



In depth explanation of how the Haven Lockdown meets Life Safety Code, with details of what is required to meet Life Safety Code and how the Lockdown exceeds the standard requirements.

Video Transcript

So talking about Life Safety Code here, there’s two versions. 2018 Life Safety Code which has a couple of nuances. Most states are on 2018 Life Safety Code, about 40 states. And there are two stipulations that we kind of look at in that code to make sure that this is lock is meeting the standards of the authority having jurisdiction.

In most cases, that authority is pushed all the way down to the local level for determinations to be made. But two things in 2018 Life Safety Code that is different from years previous. One, you can unlock and lock the lock from either side of the door by either mechanical or electronic means.

The 2018 Life Safety Code allows you to have an electronic deactivation device to deactivate the lock without the need of a physical key. So that’s why we have the egress button. Excuse me, the key hub.

That’s why we have the phone. You can do that on either side of the door to deactivate the lock. The other nuances in 2018 Life Safety Code, it doesn’t really make a mention anymore of one motion to unlock or egress the classroom in years prior to 2018.

The code talks about the door shall be unlocked with one motion only. So having an egress button right next to the door, pressing it to exit and then opening the door with your left hand or right hand is considered two motions.

In states that are not on 2018 Life Safety Code, that one motion to unlock and exit still exists. And that’s why we have our heat activated motion sensor that is placed above the lever. Someone goes to grab and open the door and automatically sends heat in the hand and auto unlocks the lock.