Lockdown Installation Part 2



Part 2 of two part series on how to install the Haven Lockdown lock.

Video Transcript

All right, so now we’re going to install the lock actually on the door after we’ve already drilled our holes and kind of mounted it using the placard. So I’ve already put the lock up. I’ve threaded some of these holes in here, but we’re going to use the tool to just tighten it down.

You don’t want to strip the lock, so I recommend using a drill that won’t allow you to strip it. So we’ll see now that the lock is fully installed on the door. And now all we have to do is install the top bracket.

Now, with the door open, we can more easily install the top bracketing piece. So I’ve got one screw here. I’ll start with that one first and install. So I’ve got one installed. I didn’t tighten it all the way down.

So I’ll come back and make sure that it’s fully tightened. All right, now you see, the bracketing system is anchored into the frame of the door. The lock now works correctly with the framing system, so you want to test it after you install.

You want the lock to have a little bit of give like that. It’s meant to be flexible. And then simply from here to finish the installation, you would install your plate cover on the front, which in the beginning, just a little tricky for you, but a little bit of practice, you can’t and get it on there.

It’s meant to be difficult to install and uninstall so that it has a Snug type fit against the door. All right, so now it’s installed. We’re just going to push it into place the eye holes in the back and tighten the end.

And that’s how you install the lock. It takes about 22 minutes to install, start to finish. You saw in this video without drilling the holes. Probably took me a little bit less time. About 15 minutes.